All our wooden tracks are made to measure and taste of our customers, in collaboration with them we create and define the personalized design of it. Currently, the dance floor is a sample of creative and avant-garde elegance.

Architectural LED lighting allows highlighting specific details of the location; Facades, Corridors, Sculptures, Walls, Gardens and common areas of the place, giving life to unique scenarios, through a game of lights and shadows.

Our luminous dance tracks are considered as the best in the industry, each intelligent track module is illuminated with state-of-the-art SMD RGB LEDs, designed and manufactured in Mexico. Each module of track is configurable since with its 1.22 meters per side, it gives a great variety of assemblies and sizes, being its basic form in rectangle or square.

It is a fact that music makes the party, so we have excellent djs, who in addition to their years behind the turntables, have a vast musical collection achieved with the experience of numerous weddings of great importance, which have been held in different states of the republic, having our headquarters in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

The LED screen is an electronic device made up of light emitting diodes, which is measured in pixels or LED units that together are capable of displaying data, information, images or videos.

The concept of LED environmental lighting consists of developing atmospheres and thematic environments based on the concept of the event to be celebrated, enhancing the decoration, personalizing colors, focusing the forms and highlighting the different areas of any type of celebration.

The intelligent lighting system DMX (Digital Multiplex) consists of programming and activating scenes that are fully adjustable in terms of light, color and exact movements for the development of any scene, work or celebration.

We have the largest technical team for the installation and operation of our events, we also use only high-level professional systems, ensuring the quality and sharpness of the audio anywhere and at any time.